8 x CULINARY HOTSPOTS THE HAGUE Foodbloggerstour 2018

A week ago Anne-Marie from My Happy Kitchen and I organised the second edition of the Foodbloggerstour The Hague. During this tour we show 18 foodbloggers the latest foodie hotspots in The Hague. We had an absolute blast and we could say we were able to show them the creme the la creme of The Hague: Anne & Max Kerkplein Dok Cookware Hotel Indigo Tapisco De Bonte Koe chocolade Betjeman & Barton De Vegetarische Slager Glaswerk We started at Anne & Max where two enthusiastic entrepreneurs welcomed us. This 'during the day' restaurant is situated just behind the 'Grote Kerk' where there weren't a lot of good places to have a cup of coffee or lunch. During the sunny days they have a perfect terra


These beautiful figs just needed a beautiful salad. I always like to combine sweet, salt and sour. Also different textures like soft and crunchy. This salad offers it all! And the good news is: there is no dressing needed for this salad. The sweet and sour cucumber is a perfect replacement for a dressing. Especially if you combine it with the creaminess of the goat cheese. I always prepare more than half a cucumber and put it in a sterilized jar. Ingredients For 2 persons as a side dish or for 1 person as a main dish salad half a cucumber 100 grams baby spinach or lamb's lettuce 2 figs sliced in 8 70 grams soft goat cheese 2 hands of salted popcorn How to Put 3 cups of water, 3 tablespoons o


Paris has plenty of places where a foodie can indulge himself. The many food markets, restaurants in all its sorts and great wine bars. But a true foodie just has to visit this food department store. Yes! You have read that well! A massive store all about dining, wining, cooking, serving, eating...everything. La Grande Epicerie is just behind, and part of, department store Le Bon Marché, which is another 'must visit' but not particularly for foodies. La Grande Epicerie has three floors. The top floor has a restaurant and is great for shopping your kitchen appliances and table ware. The ground floor consists of different worlds. In the Food Hall you can find many different oils, jams and othe


A few weeks ago a friendly neighbor gave me a gigantic courgette. After already making a veggie pasta carbonara with it, I was looking for some inspiration. My colleague blogger from Cookies and Carrotsticks gave me the idea to make a cake with it. This version is gluten free and absolutely scrumptious. Ingredients 250 grams courgette 125 grams soft butter 150 grams sugar 2 eggs 225 grams glutenfree flour 8 grams baking powder 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Icing 50 grams icing sugar 3 teaspoons lemon juice How to Grate the courgette with a grater. Do not try to cut corners by using a machine to do this work. As this will not extract enough moist from the courgette and your cake will become


We love traveling to London, Paris and Rome. But when we get new culinary hotspots nearby we get extra happy. We just love The Hague. These are the latest new hotspots. Glaswerk This new restaurant and wine bar is situated at the Binckhorst. An industrial area that is rapidly changing into a residential area. Glaswerk has a great view on the water and is nicely decorated. But more importantly they serve great wine and food. Read more about this hotspot in our review. Fokkerkade 14, Den Haag Greens Restaurant Greens is a biological restaurant but also a social project. The gardens of the restaurant are kept by people who have poor job prospects. The produce of the garden is directly used in t


From time to time my kids ask to go to the big M for dinner. As a true foodie I don't want to give in. That's why I came up with my own version of chicken nuggets. Glutenfree, baked in the oven and sooooo super tasty. I even made the sweet and sour sauce. For the kids I threw in a small gift and they absolutely loved it. No more rides to the big M here anymore! Ingredients (for 20 nuggets) 400 grams chicken thigh 1 table spoon gluten free flour (if you don't have to eat glutenfree, you can use normal flour) salt pepper curry powder 2 eggs 200 gram glutenfree cornflakes (if you don't have to eat glutenfree, you can use normal cornflakes) 2 table spoons ketchup 2 table spoons ginger syrup

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