It's chilly, the fireplace is burning bright and you are save and sound at home. The december month just calls for a good beef stew! This is comfort food to the max! The recipe was made for Sinterklaas evening and is made with 'kruidnoten'. Perfect for bigger groups to serve with some bread, fries or rice and the kids will love it too!! It actually was the first time I had some difficulties writing this recipe in English as 'kruidnoten' and 'appelstroop' are just not translatable and not easily available in other countries. You might be able replace the kruidnotennoten for gingerbread, pain d'epices, spice cake of speculaas, but you can also make them your self using our Kruidnoten recipe. I

RECIPE - KRUIDNOTEN (in english)

Sinterklaas....a very Dutch tradition with lots of good treats like marzipan, chocolate letters, pepernoten and kruidnoten. Did you know there is a difference between pepernoten and kruidnoten? The first one are chewy, soft blocks of gingerbread. Kruidnoten are smaller and are quite hard. If you have ever lived in the Netherlands or have your roots in this tiny country... it here is the recipe for kruidnoten Ingredients 250 gram self raising flour 125 grams soft brown sugar 150 gram butter 2 teaspoons Dutch spice mix 4 table spoons milk pinch of salt baking paper How to Preheat the oven at 170 degrees Celcius Mix the self raising flour with butter, sugar, spice mix and a bit of salt. Mix th


A few weeks ago Anne-Marie from My Happy Kitchen and I were invited by Ghislaine Melman to learn more about Label Rouge chicken. During a 4 course lunch at Restaurant Kaagman & Kortekaas in Amsterdam we learned more about the origin, the quality and maybe the most important: the taste of this high quality label. Label Rouge is a 50 years old quality label that was created in the 60’s in France. As French producers of poultry were getting more and more concerned about the emerging industrialisation and therefore also the quality of the produce in the country. They created a label that guaranteed the quality and also the taste of their produce. Nowadays 62% of all the chickens consumed in Fran


At our place Christmas is all about family, friends and food. On at least one of the days we just put a lot of different dishes on the table, take a plate and sit on the couch. When I saw coloured sushi in a restaurant, I immediately got the inspiration to make this mackerel sushi for Christmas. Perfect as a starter but also perfect for my Christmas couch day. Ingredients 125 grams sushi rice 175 ml water 3 table spoons rice vinegar 1/2 teaspoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt (preferably Maldon smoked salt) 2 boiled beetroots 1 sheet of nori halved lengthways 150 grams smoked deboned mackerel filets 1 table spoon yoghurt 1 table spoon mayonaise finely chopped half apple handful of chopped flat pars


Sinterklaas and Santa Claus are on their way! Do you always buy your gifts in advance or are you more the last minute shopper? I always like to make lists for everyone in the family and buy as many personal gifts. As a foodie I am also surrounded by foodies. Therefore I made a giftlist for foodies. Men, women and kids...but frankly...I love all of them! For men Forged knifes The knifes from Forged are absolutely made for men! These robust stainless steal knives are hand made. They are all hammered and come in three different series: Brute, Intense and Olive. The brute has an open crop (part between handle and blade), the Intense is a bit more refined and the Olive comes with an olive wood ha


A few weeks ago we bought this waffle maker that you can also use for grilled cheese sandwiches. I couldn't wait to make waffels with it and started with a gluten free option. I first try to do it with gluten free flour but they turned out very dry. What are the other options than? I tried oatmeal and almond flour. They turned out great! You can add maple sirup, berries, banana, honey...whatever you like. Ingredients (makes 3 to 4 waffles depending on how big your waffle maker is) 6 table spoons of gluten free oatmeal 3 table spoons almond flour 2 eggs 1/3 cup or 75 ml almond milk 3 table spoons of sugar pinch of salt How to Take a the chopper of your hand blender and put in the oatmeal. Cho


Do you also have your own recipe book? With recipes that you have been using for years already? This basic cake recipe have been in my booklet for a long time and I use it several times per year. A few weeks ago my husband felt like baking a cake and bought a cake mix. I looked at him with a offended smile and within an hour I showed him you don't need a cake mix. I also use it at least once a year when one of my sons wants to treat the kids at school at his birthday. As his birthday is close to Halloween we made this spider cupcakes. Ingredients (makes one cake or 12 cupcakes) 240 grams butter 200 grams caster sugar (or even better: basterdsuiker) 180 grams double sifted flour 200 grams egg

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