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Are you traveling to Rome any time soon? Do you want to experience the culinary side of this great city? Check out this top 10 of culinary hotspots in Rome.


1. Pizza at Forno Campo dei Fiori

Rome without pizza is just a no-go. You can get the best one at the Campo dei Fiori. It is crispy and it smells delicious. Go for the plain one or the one with salsicce (sausage) and fungi (mushrooms). You get a square folded piece: keep it folded and eat it like that. That's the way the Romans do it and you'll keep your hands clean.


Pizza Forno Campo dei Fiori
Pizza Forno Campo dei Fiori

2. Campo dei Fiori

This beautiful market place cannot be missed if you are a foodie! Check out the tomatoes in all different colours. We were there in January when it is the time for puntarelle (don't miss this when you see it on the menu!) artichokes and pumpkins. We loved it!

(not there on Sundays)

Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori

3. Cannoli - I Dolce di Nonna Vincenza

A great cup of coffee together with Sicilian cannoli. This crispy and light sweet pastry can be found near the Campo dei Fiori. It's difficult to choose from all the different options. We went for the classic ricotta and lemon. It was amazing! So, after some shopping at the market, you can rest your feet here.


nonna vincenza

4. Antica Caciara

If you want to pack some delicacies and take it with you in your suitcase...this is the place to go. This 'salumeria' at Via di San Francesco a Ripa offers a fine selection of cheeses, cured meat, salami and olives. They are more than willing to vacuum it so you can take a real foodie souvenir.


Antica Caciara
Antica Caciara

5. I Supplì

In the same street as Antica Caciara in Trastevere you can find this place where they specialise in...supplì. This fried ball of tomato risotto with mozzarella is a true Roman street food snack. But besides the supplì they also sell pasta and pizza to go.

I Suppli
I Suppli

6. Bar del Fico

After a whole day visiting the Vatican and exploring the city by bike, we were in big need for some relaxation and a good drink. Just next to the restaurant where we wanted to eat (see below) is this great bar. We enjoyed a refreshing Gin sour and the free internet. If you like the great atmosphere here: they also have a restaurant.


7. Ristorante Da Francesco

This restaurant was recommended by a local so we had to try it. And it was well worth it, that's why we just must recommend it to you. This is where you can try all the classics from the Italian kitchen. Their menu is so extensive, it took me half an hour to figure out what to eat. It's the artichoke season so we share the Carciofi alla Giudia (Jewish style). They are deep fried and are absolutely amazing. We also had a plate of Bruschetta della casa with tomatoes, olives, truffle and chicken liver parfait. As a main course, we took the Saltimbocca alla Romano (veal with ham and sage) and Frittura di calimari e gamberi (fried squid and shrimps). As it was also the season for puntarelle we ask if they serve it. It wasn't on the menu but this chicory kind of vegetable is an absolute 'need to eat'. They serve it olive oil and sardine paste. Not only the food here is amazing, also the ambiance. Can't wait to go back here!


Da Francesco
Da Francesco

8. Eataly

This is the Italian food heaven! You can find Eataly all over the world, but you just have to check this one out. It takes you some time to get there from the city centre but at this food department store you can easily spend half a day.

Start with some coffee at the Illy bar, check out all the different chocolates. Then go to the vegetables to see what's in season. Go up one floor and see the fish, meat and pasta's. You can eat or taste at all the different outlets. And don't forget to shop!



9. Sant’Eustachio Coffee

Tucked away behind the Pantheon you can find the oldest coffee bar in Rome and probably also the best one. You will order and pay first at the till and then head to the bar where you will get your coffee after showing your receipt. Do you want to sit, either inside or outside? Then you will pay more. Don't forget to look around as there is so much to see. Not only the visitors but also almost a century of history.



10. Cioccogelateria Venchi

A visit to Italy without eating ice-cream is just a no-go. You will be able to smell this place from miles as their chocolate wall (yes wall!) spreads an amazing smell throughout the entire neighbourhood. Take some time to stand in line for an ice cream, but it's well worth it.



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