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London is packed with great places to have lunch or coffee. But this one absolutely stands out. So please take our advice and visit one of the Ole & Steen shops to have a Cinnamon social or a Roast beef on rye sandwich.

We visited the first bakery outside Denmark on St James street, just seconds away from Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. It opened around Christmas in 2016 and since then they opened seven more shops and there are probably more to follow soon.

The design is beautifully simple and the glass counter gives you all the opportunity to take a look at all the delicious food they have freshly prepared for you.

When we are there, we are craving for coffee. Well, let's say they understand coffee. Of course we can not stand the cinnamon social or a chocolate chip brownie. What a great taste. Make sure to order the cinnamon social, because it is absolutely 'to die for'!

We decide to also take out some lunch and eat it later in the train. We love to take some of the beautiful creations on rye bread. They look delicious but we don't think they look really handy to eat while on the go. That's why we decide to order a Chicken Salad with streaky bacon and avocado and a Rare Roast beef salad served with parsnip and roasted beetroot. They both come with a slice of that great rye bread. I have to say...this was the best take out salad I have ever had. What a great new place! We will absolutely be back when we are in London and hopefully they will soon expand to The Netherlands too!

Ole & Steen 56 Haymarket

No 2, St. James’s Market

London, SW1Y 4RP

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