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These beautiful figs just needed a beautiful salad. I always like to combine sweet, salt and sour. Also different textures like soft and crunchy. This salad offers it all! And the good news is: there is no dressing needed for this salad. The sweet and sour cucumber is a perfect replacement for a dressing. Especially if you combine it with the creaminess of the goat cheese. I always prepare more than half a cucumber and put it in a sterilized jar.

Figs and popcorn salad


For 2 persons as a side dish or for 1 person as a main dish salad

  • half a cucumber

  • 100 grams baby spinach or lamb's lettuce

  • 2 figs sliced in 8

  • 70 grams soft goat cheese

  • 2 hands of salted popcorn

How to

  • Put 3 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a pan

  • Let it come to boil and leave to boil until the sugar is dissolved

  • Leave this mixture to cool

  • Slice the cucumber in two lengthwise

  • Remove the seeds with a small spoon

  • Slice thin pieces of the cucumber

  • Put it in the sweet and sour mixture and leave for at least half an hour. Or prepare 2 cucumbers and put it in a sterilized jar.

  • Take a nice plate or bowl

  • Put the baby spinach on the plate

  • Dress with the cucumber, sliced figs, some goat cheese and the popcorn


#Maaltijdsalade #Salad

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