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A true Happy & Healthy Hotspot in Amsterdam! That's why Foodies Have Arrived loves Coffee & Coconuts. This all day (from 9 until 23!) restaurant serves wholesome tasty dishes that make you happy.

Coffee & Coconuts, also named CT, is situated at the Ceintuurbaan. The building is a beautiful old theatre which makes the entrance mind gobbling. There is so much to see and so many nice spots to sit. Go for a beanbag, the bar or one of the wooden tables. The decoration is a mix of wood and botanical. We love it!

The menu offers so many choices and it took us ages to only choose one of the many tasty drinks. Lots of different coffees and teas. Some examples... if you want a cappuccino you can choose for full fat milk, semi-skimmed milk, oat milk and of course...coconutmilk. Their hot coco is not just your normal chocolate milk but made from raw 70% chocolate from the jungle. We went for a juice, but mind you, they have thirteen different juices. Freshly juiced, squeezed and blended for you. We took a green power with apple, pear, ginger, cucumber and lemon juice and a berry morning with blackberries, coconut milk, banana, walnuts and medjool dates.

As it was still early and our drinks were almost a meal itself, we ordered a chicken tortilla with red cabbage. It was super tasty and again it was difficult to make a choice from all the different dishes. The menu changes from time to time which makes this hotspot a place to come back soon!

Coffee & Coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282-284

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