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My kids both love my Spaghetti Carbonara, even better than in the average Italian restaurant. What a compliment! But the thing is, there are not a lot of veggies (read: none) in my Pasta Carbonara. So that's why I came up with the veggie version of Spaghetti Carbonara. With three different kind of veggies. They like it almost as much as the original version.

It did make it more easy that a friendly neighbour offered her massive courgettes from her kitchen garden and the kids were intrigued by the size they can grow. When you involve the kids in cooking they are more likely to like the dish. Well I can say it worked!

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 1 union

  • 100 gram smoked bacon stripes

  • 250 grams Cherry tomatoes

  • 1,5 courgette (we used a massive one from a kitchen garden)

  • 100 ml cream

  • 2 Table spoons Aioli

  • 300-400 grams Spaghetti

  • 30 grams parmesan cheese

How to

  • Dice the union and bake it together with the bacon stripes on a medium heat. Set a side

  • Chop the courgette and bake on a medium to high heat until lightly browned

  • Cut the Cherry tomatoes in four

  • Add the union and bacon and the Cherry tomatoes and stir well

  • Add the Aioli and cream

  • Cook the spaghetti

  • Add the spaghetti directly from the pan into the sauce (do not drain it first!). If the sauce is too thick you can add a table spoon of the starchy water. Add the cheese. Stir for about a minute on a low heat.


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