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London, Paris, Rome...but please do not forget our own capital! We became a tourist in our own country for a day, rented a bike and had an amazing culinary day.

Bakkerij Holtkamp

When you enter this 16m2 store, you will find yourself back in the 1920’s again. This small patisserie is decorated with an Art Deco interior and is eye candy itself. Apart from the beautiful cakes, they sell delicious and typical Dutch cookies like: Jan Hagel, Pitmop and my favourite Amsterdamse Koggetjes. But don’t leave this store without ordering a croquet. If you ever want to eat them, this is the best place in the world. They have different 3 different ones: Veal, Shrimps and Cheese. Don’t choose, just order them all!

Vijzelgracht 15, Amsterdam



It’s time for some shopping! Because a culinary top 5 is never complete without some shopping, we have to give you the best address in Amsterdam to go buy new kitchen gear. At Duikelman you can literally find everything. So whether you are looking for that perfect Japanese knife or that specific baking tray. From professional kitchen till food processor, Duikelman has it all.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 66-68

Gerard Doustraat 48-54


Albert Cuyp Market

Paris eat your heart out! I always thought Paris would have the biggest market in Europe, but the Albert Cuypmarket with 260 market stalls has that honour. Six days a week (Sundays closed) you can find here a range of market stalls with fresh fruit, flowers, fish and snacks. So if you are waiting to taste a Broodje haring or a Stroopwafel….this is the place to be! You will get a perfect feeling of the real Amsterdam atmosphere here.

Albert Cuypstraat, Amsterdam


De Foodhallen

In this old tram depot, a range of foodstalls are housed. Various concepts offer small dishes. And as there are 20 different stalls, there is enough to taste! We had the Goi Cuon at Viet View, a Bao bun at BaoWowow, the Taco’s from Taqueria Lima, pizza from Renato’s and as a dessert some miniature tarts from Petit Gateau. It was a perfect! First find your place at one of the bars and then order at the different stalls.

Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam www.foodhallen.nl


Welcome in heaven! It’s Willy Wonka time. While parking our bike outside we could already smell the wonderful taste of sugar! At Papabubble they handcraft beautiful candy with sugar, water and glucose. And the best thing is: they do it in front of you in the store. You can easily spend more than an hour here as it is so fascinating to see them role, tear, knead and make the most beautiful creations! And apart from beautiful they are also very tasty. The people behind Papabubble are a colourful mix of backgrounds too and followed their dream to start this great business! An absolute must-see in culinary Amsterdam.

Haarlemmerdijk 70, Amsterdam


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