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It's time to celebrate!! Not only because HEMA just launched their drip cakes but especially because they are the perfect cake for a party. You can make a big and festive impression with this one.

Two flavours, three sizes

HEMA has launched two different dripcakes: the red velvet and the chocolate disco dip. They come in three different sizes: for eight, sixteen and twenty four persons. You can use them for any occasion: a birthday, babyshower and even a wedding. Just decorate accordingly.


Maybe you have already seen different kinds of dripcakes on Pinterest. You can get a lot of inspiration to decorate your HEMA dripcake there. HEMA also offers inspiration and goodies to decorate. We used the three tier cake for a birthday and went absolutely mad decoration wise. We have bought the golden party time topper and parrot together with the sweets, a lolli-pop, popcorn and chocolate at HEMA. We decided to make our own personal garland with two paper straws (also HEMA), a string, paper and a marker. Super easy to make.

Time to serve!

But what about the taste? The red velvet is made with buttercream and berry jam. The disco dip is made from chocolate cake, buttercream and chocolate ganache. Personally these buttercream cakes are way to heavy for me. But the taste, especially from the cake itself is good. But hey, the most important part is the fun! Cause for a very reasonable price (the smallest is 13 Euro) you get lots of fun decorating it. And the serving is the best part. There were lots of ooohhh and ahhhs!

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