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Paris has plenty of places where a foodie can indulge himself. The many food markets, restaurants in all its sorts and great wine bars. But a true foodie just has to visit this food department store. Yes! You have read that well! A massive store all about dining, wining, cooking, serving, eating...everything.

La Grande Epicerie is just behind, and part of, department store Le Bon Marché, which is another 'must visit' but not particularly for foodies. La Grande Epicerie has three floors. The top floor has a restaurant and is great for shopping your kitchen appliances and table ware.

The ground floor consists of different worlds. In the Food Hall you can find many different oils, jams and other delicacies. The best fruits and vegetables, mainly French produce, can be found in the marketplace. The Poissonerie not only offers the best catch of the day but also offers the best seafood tastings in restaurant 'La Marée.

Are you looking for the best Wagyu beef or Bresse chicken? The Butcher's can offer you the best in town and the Rotisserie has some fresh chicken turning around, making sure it smells great.

My favorite place is The Fromagerie with a massive selection of great cheeses, perfectly chosen and matured. The Patisserie and Boulangerie leaves you in awe of beautiful sweet delicacies. One of the most impressive departments was not impressive because of the smell or taste but particularly because of its massive assortiment: the water department. I have never seen this amount of different water bottles. Some even priced over € 30.

Other 'univers' you can find at La Grande Epicerie are:

Le Luxe: where you can find caviar, foie gras, truffles and other luxurious products

La Cuisine: ready prepared meat, fish and side dishes, quiches and cold starters.

Thé & Café: from white to black tea and coffee from Brazil to Jamaica.

L'italien: the best Italian delicacies. Fresh pasta and Italian ham. Enough to choose from.

La Cremerie: quality creams, butter and yoghurt

In the basement of the department store you can find the 'La Cave'. This wine and spirits cellar is 550m2 big and offers more than 3000 different carefully selected products.

La Grande Epicerie



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