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At Foodies Have Arrived we love city hotels where it feels you can escape the city. Downtown Amsterdam, in the heart of the touristy city center, you can find your own oasis at Kimpton de Witt hotel.

When you enter this boutique hotel, you immediately escape the buzzing city of rich history, beautiful canals and world class museums. Kimpton de Witt is designed with an eye for detail. While the decoration is very modern, every part has a link to the Dutch history. The colours and patterns have their origin in the history of the country. Old details, as you can see from the panels and wooden beams in the cozy House Bar, date from centuries ago. The warm blue colour that is used throughout the building, links back to the 16th century Delft Blue.

Apart from the decoration and design, Kimpton de Witt makes their guests feel at home with a warm smile and welcoming amenities. Throughout the entire building you are surrounded by the great scent of Marie Stella Maris home fragrance. This company, whose aim it is that everyone around the globe has access to clean drinking water, also provides the body and skin care in the rooms and toilets. To have a great start of you day visiting Amsterdam, there is a yoga mat available in each room and a Nespresso coffee maker. Now it's time to check out the city! Step on your complimentary VanMoof bike and explore our favourite culinary hots in Amsterdam.

When you come 'home' after an exiting day in Amsterdam, you can sit back and relax with a glass of wine. Every evening the hotel hosts a wine reception in the lobby of the hotel. If you don't feel like going out for a meal, you can stay in and have dinner in Restaurant Wyers. Don't forget to order the Dutch 'bitterballen'. They are the best ones we have ever had! The bitterballs alone are a reason for us to come back, but we especially come back for the great atmosphere in the entire hotel.

Kimpton de Witt Hotel

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