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When Foodies Have Arrived got invited to the Grand Blogger Diner we did a big wooohooo and a small dance! It's such an honor to get invited by this event by Mr Goodiebag. This year it took place at the prestigious Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

It kind of felt like a girls school trip as I took the train with some other bloggers like My Happy Kitchen, Over Eten Gesproken, Annie Pannie and Marvelousz. When we entered the grand Amstel Hotel we first had a 'photoshoot' on the spectaculair stairs of the hotel. Each single stair had a Godiva chocolate and it let to a chocolate and wine heaven. At the top of the stairs we were welcomed by the Godiva ladies. They had great wine - chocolate pairings and we tried all of them. My favourite was the Les Auzines Alaina Rosé wine from the Languedoc with the Godiva Blood orange dark chocolate. It was magical.

After the aperitif on the balcony of the hotel we were asked to go the impressive 'Spiegelzaal'.

As an appetizer we got served a Gazpacho from Alvalle. Unfortunately I have a bell pepper allergy but it was presented with a Pinxto and an amazing black olive Oreo with a herb filling. The wine that was served was a Laurent Miquel Lagrasse Albarino.

The starter was presented by Maza. It was a cold lasagne of Filo pastry with tomato hummus, eggplant and gherkin. The rosé wine was made from Grenache and Viura grapes.

For the first main course (yes we had two!) Restaurant La Rive took over and served the most impressive dish of the evening: Shortrib served with Orzo pasta, Parmesan and small crostini's. What a great combination and what a taste! I will definitely try to make this dish for the blog once and share the recipe with you. It was accompanied by glass of Farina Nodo d'Amore. This red wine has an aroma of red fruit and flowers but also cinnamon and black pepper. It is light in tannins and that's why I loved it so much. It is not even that expensive at €16 euro's for 1 liter.

The second main course was a very well prepared piece of salmon with a lemon salsa with capres. This was made with the rapeseed oil of Brassica. They also have an oil with butter taste. It's a strange experience but if you want an alternative for butter, it's great. All the wines were carefully chosen by Verbunt Wijnkopers. They did a great job!

The evening concluded with a dessert made around the ice-cream of Koupe Protein Ice. This icecream has 40% less calories, 70% less sugar and three times the amount of protein. The salted caramel flavour was served with pannacotta, hazelnut crumble, pistache spongecake and white ganache. The service during the evening was impressive but what else can you expect from the Amstel Hotel.

The evening would not be an evening organised by Mr Goodiebag if we wouldn't get a massive and mostly heavy bag with great goodies. I do have to admit that the Godiva chocolate didn't last long in this household after making this photograph.

Thanks a lot to my fellow bloggers for making this evening a memorable one as we had so much fun. And a very special thanks to Mr Goodiebag for inviting Foodies Have Arrived.

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