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Paris is almost one big instagrammable place where there is a nice photo opportunity around every corner. But Foodies Have Arrived wouldn't be for true foodies without listing Instagrammable hotspots especially for foodies. Do you know any 'gram worthy' foodie places in Paris?

1. Maison Sauvage

The floral trend is everywhere! This restaurant at the Rive Gauche has a beautiful floral facade. And on top of it all, they also serve great food! You might need to stand in line for a while but it only costed us 10 minutes and it was absolutely worth it. We had the grilled octopus with cherry tomatoes and the avocado toast with burrata and pomegranate. Sauvage means wild and it even got a bit wild when it started to rain...well actually it poured. Luckily we were under the sunscreens and could keep it (a bit) dry. Maison Sauvage is not only superb to shoot some floral trend photos for your Instagram but also to have a great breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktail or dinner.

Maison Sauvage

5, Rue de Buci


Open 7 days, from 07.00 - 02.00 hrs


2. Molitor

This hotel is not only a paradise for foodies but I can not imagine people not liking this beautiful place. It looks almost like a cruise ship or a mediterranean resort but this former swimming pool from the 20's is hotel with two swimming pools, a spa, a rooftop and a restaurant. We had lunch in Brasserie Urbaine which is a nod to the past of the building in the 80's when it was a used as a graffiti artists display. We ordered smoked salmon with a black olive crunch and Steak Tartare with nectarine and blackberries. Pure ingredients which make very pure and tasteful dishes.

Hotel Molitor

13, Rue Nungesser et Coli


Open 7 days, from 06.30 - 01.00 hrs


3. Les Caves du Louvre

After a rainy lunch and some shopping we decided it was time for a glass of wine. One of the most instagrammable locations to have a glass of wine at Les Caves du Louvre. Nearby Les Halles it has a very central location. It is possible to reserve a guided tour through the wine cellars but you can also acces it for free and visit it with a free app. For € 19 you can taste three wines or for € 7 just one. The cellars are beautiful and tell more about the soils, the aromas and the labels. We couldn't get the app working perfectly and the wines are not of a superb quality, but the Les Caves du Louvre are great to visit if only for the great Instagram shots!

Les Caves du Louvre

52, Rue de l'Arbre Sec



4. La Grande Epicerie

This is the ultimate foodie shopping paradise in Paris. It is part of the amazing department store Le Bon Marché, which is another must-visit itself. La Grand Epicerie entails three floors full of foodie madness. It is a massive store all about dining, wining, cooking, serving, eating...everything. On the ground floor there are different worlds where you can do your foodshopping. From cheese, to fish and from mineral water (check out this amazing collection of mineral water) to vegetables. Read more about La Grande Epicerie in my full review.

La Grande Epicerie




6. Beaupassage

This a a fairly new-by. While we visited this amazing foodie place, it just opened and some of the restaurants were still busy renovating and decorating. However I could already see the massive potential. First and foremost because of the impressive names tied to this initiative. Chefs like Olivier Bellin (two Michelin star), Anne-Sophie Pic (three Michelin Stars), Yannick Alléno (three Michelin Stars) and Thierry Marx (two MIchelin Stars) have opened a store or restaurant here. In total there are 10 (!) Michelin stars in this new passage. The other reason is that they have combined the old tradition of passages or arcades together with modern architecture and lots of modern art. It's easy accesible and you can also have a cup of coffee at Arabica.So visit Beaupassage for the great art photos and ofcourse the opportunity to get a Michelin star chef on your Instawall.


53 - 57 Rue de Grenelle



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