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There is always so much to discover in London! This time we wanted to have dinner close to our beautiful hotel, The Laslett at Notting Hill Gate. That’s why we went for the American West Coast Cuisine at Pomona’s.


We used to visit this place quite a lot when it was still the Commander. It’s great to see what they have done with this pub. The bright and colourful décor immediately gives a happy vibe. Pomona’s is an all-day dining restaurant from 10 am. Their menu is all about cocktails, vegetables, chargrilled fish-and-meat and taco’s.

In our search for the newest restaurant in our neighbourhood we took a look at We really love this website as you can use a map and take a look at all the places recently opened. You can adjust the timeline and choose to see all the restaurants opened from one till 12 months ago.

It was the Saturday before Halloween so we were prepared that walking around would be one big terrifying ordeal but we only saw a cute dog disguised as a spider. However, it was probably the reason that Pomona’s was not really packed. But that did not spoil the fun as the west Californian sun was soon in our system.

With a cocktail in our hand, we had the difficult task to make a choice out of all the nice dishes. What about softshell crab diavolo with smoked garlic or the charred squid with black lentils? We went for grilled mackerel fillet with fennel and jalapeño salsa. We really liked their Tacos menu with, for example, monkfish with corn and tomatillo or the pulled pork with chipotle. We ordered the prawn with corn, tomato and avocado salsa taco. Our taste buds were really excited with all the various flavours of both dishes. Both sweet and sour, both zingy and spicy.

For a main we felt like having a surf-and-turf but both were confident we wouldn’t be able to finish it. Luckily the friendly staff from Pomona’s were more than happy to make it in to a sharing plate. The crab was nice and crispy and the rib-eye was well prepared and succulent.

Normally, I am not the dessert kind of type, but my eye was caught by the Valrhona chocolate cremeux with olive oil and truffle salt. Oh my god this was chocolate heaven! This superb combination alone should be the reason to go to Pomona’s.

With the wintertime kicking in again and the days shortening, Pomona’s should be on your ‘to do’ list for some well deserved sunshine and portion of brightness. Enjoy!


47, Hereford Road

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