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Paris for foodies

Paris, a city with a great culinary tradition and history. The hot shot Michelin star restaurants but also the little bistros. A place with different cultures and a lot of new hip places to discover. The capital of the country where eating isn't about stuffing away your sandwich behind your desk at lunch but where you take at least two hours to enjoy the food, the wine and the company.

Online inspiration.

Like every trip with Foodies Have Arrived, a trip to Paris is always well prepared. That's already half the fun! Despite the fact I have visited Paris many more times than Amsterdam, I still need my dosis of online inspiration.

That way I also ran into the super fun You Tube Channel by Alice in Paris. With 24 short films Alice will show you the new culinary places in Paris on a creative way. It made me really happy!

A site I have been following a long time already is Do it in Paris. Apart from the fact the illustrations on the website (and social media) look really nice, they more importantly have really good tips. It's both written in French as English.

The last website is This is the official tourist information website of Paris but gives you a lot more than the average tourist info. Absolutely a must visit.

My TOP 10 of favourite website and blogs I use to prepare my trip to Paris:

  1. Alice in Paris – 24 youtube films about culinary hotspots

  2. Parisselect - in both English and French, although most of the nicest articles are in French

  3. Do it in Paris - not only culinary tips but also fashion & beauty

  4. - a Dutch website, just search for 'Paris' in their searchmenu and you will find lots of culinary tips

  5. Parisinfo – official tourist info website of Paris in many different languages

  6. Parijsonline - a Dutch website

  7. Paris by Mouth - they offer food tours in Paris and also share a lot of they culinary tips on their website.

  8. Resto de Paris – to find a restaurant in Paris (or 2..or 3.. or...)

  9. Paris Zig Zag – unfortunately only in French, but they do share a lot of great tips.

  10. Time Out - I use this guide for many citrytrips and ofcourse they also offer a lot for Paris.

Bon voyage!

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