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There is a new kid in town! Michelin star chef Marcel van der Kleijn just opened another restaurant in The Hague: Restaurant Tapisco. Inspired by the many holidays to Spain and Portugal, he developed this concept around Portuguese and Spanish tapas. And not just any kind of tapas but high end, full of taste tapas. Foodies Have Arrived couldn't wait and went to taste on the 4th day after the opening.

The location of Restaurant Tapisco is absolutely perfect. On the majestic Kneuterdijk in a beautiful building, you submerge yourself in a South European world. The entourage is beautiful with a combination of modern furniture and traditional Portuguese tiles. But even though the ambiance is really important we come here for the food. And you absolutely should!

The name of Tapisco comes from the combination of the Spanish tapas and the Portuguese petiscos. Apart from the delicious hams, cheeses and dried sausages, they offer a wide variety of small dishes all prized at 3 Euros. A more than very reasonable price. Because one dish after another adds to this big culinary feast.

We start with jamon and a skewer of olive, sardine, anchovies and pepper. Pure ingredients but if you taste them all together it's a great combination. After that we get served a gazpacho with melon and a crispy anchovy bone. This is a perfect combination and we hope we will be able to reproduce this and share the recipe. The next tapa is a little pillow filled with sea bream and radish. After that we get a crispy chicken skin with mackerel and mayonaise. The last cold tapa is a honey tomato filled with pulpo and piment. We can't wait to get more.

The first warm dish that is served is a fish lollipop of sardine and zucchini in brick pastry. It's gone in an instant. Than our Dutchies get happy from some 'bitterballen' from Duroc ham. But with the herb aioli it's an absolute Mediterranean version. We close of with a Montadito. A sweet kind of brioche bread with sweet union and a iberico sausage. For our sweet tooth they serve a small ice-cream.

All this perfect dishes were served with superbe wines. We absolutely loved the cava and don't forget to order one of the amazing cocktails! They are absolutely to die for.

We will absolutely go back really soon. We love the atmosphere but most of all we love all the tapiscos.

Restaurant Tapisco

Kneuterdijk 11, Den Haag

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