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A few weeks ago, I visited a good friend in London. We had a great weekend and she showed me some ‘hip, hot & happening’ neighbourhoods in London (soon more on Foodies Have Arrived)! On Saturday night, Marjolein and I organised a small get together with friends. Because what better place is there to wine and dine right?

After a lovely Saturday night, we started our day with breakfast at home, followed by a nice walk through Hampstead. For the afternoon, we booked a table at Tredwell’s in Covent Garden. My friend used a super cool app to find the best deals at the coolest places (I believe it was called Open Table), so Tredwell’s is where we ended up.

Tredwell’s was founded by Marcus Wareing, together with his wife Jane and is a west-end dining room, serving high quality food in a nice, trendy environment. Just like the other two restaurants that were founded by Marcus, Tredwell’s has the same values: excellence without pretence, the next generation of talent, inspiring rooms with a friendly welcome.

Tredwell’s has several floors. Try the mezzanine for a nice dinner, or visit the lower ground floors for drinks and bites. Chef Patron, Chantelle Nicholson is responsible for the high-quality food, but you might as well try the chef-inspired cocktails in one of the bar areas. Live music on Sundays.. Should we say more?

We take a seat at a table near the window and look around. The interior looks warm, classy and fancy, like you are in a very cool movie. We decide to take a glass of wine and talk about the great weekend. We go for a 3-course lunch, so that means that we still have plenty of time to catch up, before I return to The Netherlands.

Our starter is beetroot with rye, pine nuts and herbs. It is delicious and seems to be very healthy. Nice!

The main course is roasted cauliflower with saffron, cornichon, caper and lemon! This is definitely our favorite. The cauliflower is crispy and the combination with the saffron, cornichon, caper and lemon just makes this course a winner.

As a dessert, we go for the banana cake with peanut butter and ice cream! This is just an award winning combination! However, it would have been even better if the cake had been served warm.

Overall, Tredwell’s is a lovely place for lunch, drinks and dinner. The atmosphere is great and the service is good. The people are friendly, but could pay a little more attention to their guests. The food is delicious and don’t even start about that surprising cocktail at the end. This place is definitely worth a visit.

Do you want to know our favorite hotspots in London. Read all about in our 10 x Hotspots in London article (in Dutch).

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